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TORA Provides The Power to the Electric
Rolling Window Shutter, Door Shutter and Awnings
in the event of a Power Outage


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The Power Plus company provides a battery back-up power supply to the electric rolling shutter, door, and awning industry. Our TORA products are designed to be used in a power outage condition. The TORA units will operate your products as if the utility power is still on. The TORA eliminates the need for manual override systems (hand cranks). Our office is based in Northern Ohio and our products are distributed world-wide.

TORA Model T400 Power Supply

TORA Model T550
Power Supply

Purchase T550, switches and spare parts directly from the manufacturer toll free at 888-299-8672 or see the list of local dealers on our PRODUCTS page.

Power Plus is currently accepting new dealers.

Thank you for visiting our web site. For additional information, call or email us. Your request will be handled promptly.
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